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Our Green points

  1. We are an Italian fashion brand, born from a mother and a daughter and from their love for nature and animals, in a moment when Mother Earth and its most important green forests were burning (2019). We all remember the image of that burnt koala in Australia.
  2. Our name is ZUMMY because we explore and celebrate, like a zoom, the beauty of Nature’s details, interpreted in an artistic way thanks to the collaboration with local illustrators.
  3. Our processing happens in Italy in some small local workshops. In particular, the cutting workshop and the local dressmakers are only 20 minutes far from our headquarter and we know them well, sometimes it looks like we spend more time there than in our office!
  4. The materials we use for our collections are provided by suppliers that obtained product certifications that certify the organic or recycled content, but most of the times also system certifications that indicate their commitment towards a sincere sustainable business conduct.
  5. Zummy does not use any animal derived materials and is ranked VVV+, the highest level of ethical rating Animal Free Fashion designed by LAV.
  6. We commit to choose materials that are certified for the respect of the environment, with focus on their composition and their production process, and sustainable towards workers that transform them. We commit to combine materials consistently to their composition and we avoid any mixes: this way the product will be more recyclable at the end of its life.
  7. At Zummy we are constantly looking for new materials, processing and technologies that allow us to move forward with the goals of sustainability for our project, conscious that sustainability starts, first of all, from the analysis.

What we offer in Green Pea

Every day we commit to design and produce garments and fashion accessories that may be more and more sustainable for the Planet, for people who create them and people who wear them, drawing inspiration from shapes and colors of Nature. At Zummy we believe in women’s beauty, in their smile and in freedom of expression of their own uniqueness, supporting them with a style choice that may pull out their personality and with a wide range of sizes, from 38-40 to 50-52 (IT).

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