What is Green Pea

The place where sustainable products becomes a pleasure

The first Green Retail Park dedicated to the theme of Respect

Green Pea is a place of beauty and Respect to give life to a new way of consuming: with every purchase you make you can become part of the change.

Here you will find beautiful top-quality products Made in Italy and from around the world – with a low impact on the environment – experiences, events and all the services necessary to live Green. Essentially, you will find 66 shops, a museum, 3 restaurants, a swimming pool, a spa and a club dedicated to creative idleness. A total of 72 places where Respect from duty becomes pleasure.

Four floors of shops and a floor of creative Idleness

At Green Pea you will find top quality products, designed for responsible use and made in harmony with Nature.
Products made to be durable, with full Respect for the environment and society.

Products designed to last a long time and can be reused or recycled at the end of their life. The companies that make them are mostly Italian and already have a distinctly Green profile, while others have begun the journey with excellent results.

3 key elements

Over 100 partners who believe in Respect to save the planet

Our Partners believe in the need to produce and consume in harmony with Nature and, at the same time, work to make beautiful, long-lasting and respectful products, in line with the principles of beauty and the originality of Made in Italy.

They are companies – almost all Italian – that have long since placed Green policies at the heart of their activities, or that are rapidly moving towards sustainable production with excellent results. All the products that our Partners offer in Green Pea are made in compliance with the highest levels of social and environmental sustainability, guaranteed by the Production Regulations.

Green Pea Partners meet in the Producers Pea Club, with the aim of continuing to grow and improve through exchanging experiences and visions. This is how new ideas are born, from Turin towards the world.

Communication partners